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MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Takamachi Nanoha is just your OrdinaryHighschoolStudent regular 9-year-old girl in Uminari City. But one day, she heard a mysterious voice in her head, Comicbook/GreenLantern while wearing a green ring in her hand....

A [fanfic] by ShadowCrystalMage, it's a MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha MegaCrossover with SupermanTheAnimatedSeries and the rest of the DCAnimatedUniverse, MahouSenseiNegima Negima, SailorMoon, FateKaleidLinerPrismaIllya, CardcaptorSakura, GateKeepers, and a lot of other stuff.

Now has two companion pieces: [Kinomoto Sakura of 2814] and [FATE: Holy Grail War of 2814]. As well as a one shot [We Are The Gate Keepers] We can only guess where these will end up going...

[It also now has its own WIKI, under construction. ]

!! This fanfic provides examples of:

-->"Precia Testarossa, you are under arrest for multiple counts of child abuse, negligence, and being a BAD MOTHER!" Green Lantern cried. "Oh, and the TSAB, the JSDF and Oa want to talk to you about reckless use of Lost Logia, destruction of public property and illegal research or something. And we'll probably give you medical attention somewhere along the way, because we're nice. But we'll be surly about it!"

    • And Fate tries to do it to Vita

-->"I am this girl's friend," Fate said softly, the way a blade on a velvet sheath is soft. "I am one who owes her my life, and my soul, and my freedom. TSAB temporary mage, Fate Testarossa. And by my authority, you are under arrest for assault, destruction of private property, vandalism, disturbance of the peace, and being a bloody nuisance. If you do not resist, you will be granted the chance to plead in you own defense." Fate's form shifted, becoming more belligerent. "Please resist."

    • And in the battle against the Book of Darkness:

-->It was Sakura who'd cast the spell, Rin's sister Sakura, floating above them all, clad in the black of the Noble Phantasm Armor of Darkest Night, a dark purple triangular glyph glowing beneath her. "Book of Darkness!" she cried. "For putting innocents in danger!"

-->"For threatening our world!" Eternal Sailor Moon cried.

-->"For making me miss my sitcoms!" the red-headed sword-wielding Ala Alba cried. There were several hisses of outrage from the Senshi. Sailor Mercury sighed.

--> "I am the daughter of Philosophers. The world of wisdom and knowledge is mine. I am a student of Ariadne. We are the Maidens of War. I am a Magical Girl. We are they who fight for Truth, Love, and Justice. I am Ala Alba. We have saved the world. I am a Ministra Magi of the son of the Thousand Master, son of Arika Anarchia Entheofushia, the WarriorPrince Last Prince of Ostia and Vespertatia, his Highness, the savior of Mundus Magicus! We are the reason why!... Film/ThePrincessBride Hello. My name is Valkyrie Black. You attacked my teacher. Prepare to die. We fight!"

    • In one of the possible futures, Vivio gets one:

--> "Sacred Heart! Raging Heart! Bardiche! Reinforce! SET UP! Come at me, abominations! I am Vivio of the Justice League, last of the Green Lantern Corps! I am the Saint King! I am the Torchbearer! I am Ion, daughter of heroes! Look at me and know your doom! My counter-attack begins now!"

  • BadassCape: Tuxedo Kamen's cape, which can also function as a weapon.
  • BadassCreed: Recently, Nanoha's transformation aria has taken a level in Badass:

-->"I am the one who has been given a mission. Under the contract, release these powers. The winds are in the sky, the stars are in the heavens, the light is in my hands and the power is in my heart! And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for the dark things cannot stand the light, the light of the Green Lantern! Raging Heart Emerald Excelion, Set Up!" --> *pose* --> "Magical Girl Green Lantern, Zenryoku Zenkai! Ready for action!"

    • Plus there's the Wolkenritter's oath:

--> “In days of peace, in times of war, --> Protect our Queen forever more! --> The five Clouds stand, we are her Knights! --> To guard Hayate, our delight!”

--> "With blood and rage of crimson red, --> Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead! --> Together with my hellish hate, --> none other shall share in my fate!"

--> "In fearful day, when without light… --> With my heart full, my soul ignites! --> When all seems lost, and black as night, --> look to her star, for Hope burns bright…"

-->"For hearts long lost and full of fright, -->For those alone in blackest night, -->Accept our ring and join our fight - -->Love conquers all - with violet light!"

--> "In blackest day, in endless night… --> We turn our fears into our light! --> Let all who wish to do what's right… --> Join HER order, make tomorrow bright!"

--> "The Brightest Day is on the rise --> The light shall soar as darkness flies. --> We guard all life from evil's blights. --> Destiny awaits! Shine, White Knights!"

--> "I am the bone of my sword, steel is my body, and fire is my blood, I have created over a thousands blades! Unaware of loss, not aware of gain, withstood pain to create many weapons! I have no regrets, this the only path for hero! My whole life was... UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!!"

      • Kuro:

--> [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything "I call the bone of your sword, soft is my body, calling the fire in your blood, I have created thousands of Lolicons! Unknown to thermodynamics, regardless of physics, I screw reality with my Freudian Blades, yet this flesh burns with unfulfilled desire! And thus I sublimate... UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!!"]]

      • Sakura Matou aka. Broken-Chan

--> "I am the core of my sword, strong is my body, magic is my blood, I wield over a thousand spells! Unknowing to despair, unyielding to surrender, I have withstood solitude in defiance of darkness! And yet these hands shall never cease learning.... And thus I create, my UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!!"

--> Tuxedo Kamen: Manhole Cover!

  • ChainsawGood: One of Yuuno's ring constructs is a rain of chainsaws. One of Nanoha's ring constructs is Bruce-kun, a large shark with chainsaws for teeth.
  • ChurchMilitant: Arguably spoiler:Tomoyo, the founder of Sakura-ism.
    • The Wolkenritter are also very fanatical when it comes to Hayate.
  • CombiningMecha: The heroes response against Godzilla-shaped Invader. All because Green Lantern-chan psyche is already conditioned that Godzilla is unbeatable. Bonus point for taking Evangelion shape.
  • ComesGreatResponsibility: ...and paperwork. Granted, it becomes a plot point at certain moments.
  • CoolVersusAwesome: From the [FATE: Holy Grail War of 2814] sidestory, FateKaleidLinerPrismaIllya Kuro's FieldOfBlades Unlimited Blade Works versus Servant Assassin [[spoiler:DresdenFiles Winter Knight's]] Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex Noble Phantasm.
  • TheCorruption: Downloading Kotomine's Heart of Pure Evil (TM) into the Book of Darkness after it was damaged by AntiMagic Asuna seems to have some adverse impacts on the Wolkenritter.
  • CovertPervert: Fate. So very much.
  • CrackFic: Gee, where to begin....
    • At this point though, the fic CerebusSyndrome started to take itself more seriously. The author actually laments at the fact that most people in net still categorize it as CrackFic.
      • Somehow, it manages to be a serious crack fic. Without actually reading the stroy, it's hard to understand.
  • CrazyPrepared: By law, all Japanese schools must have an 'infiltrated by the forces of evil' drill in addition to standard fire drills. It comes in handy more often than it should.
  • DarkerAndEdgier / LighterAndSofter: Paradoxically, both at once. Intersecting with FateStayNight and GateKeepers makes the NanohaAs plotline grimmer, but the Fate plotline is made much lighter from crossing over with more idealistic series like Template:Nanoha, Template:Negima, and the FateKaleidLinerPrismaIllya continuity.
  • DeathIsCheap: Referenced.

-->"I am going to die a virgin," Tuxedo Kamen said, then added conscientiously, "OhNoNotAgain Again."

  • DeliberatelyCuteChild: spoiler:Tomoyo. And she is good at it.
  • DeliciousDistraction: Ice cream is really tasty. Too tasty perhaps.
  • DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: Tomoyo is one of the few employers available to ninjas, and in fact is listed between every other option.
  • DoorStopper: The Green Lantern standard codebook describing common situations that a lantern might encounter in the field has at least 77,348 entries in it. Nanoha appears to have memorized it.
  • DraggedIntoDrag: After 3-A learns that Green Lantern thinks that Negi is a girl, they start stealing his clothing and replacing them with girl's outfits.
  • TheDreaded: Nanoha apparently becomes this in the future. Tomoyo is already this, if Kuro's reaction to meeting her in Fanfic/UnequallyRationalAndEmotional is anything to go by. And especially Evangeline. Nanoha herself is so terrified of Evangeline that merely hearing her name causes her to have HeroicBSOD.

--> MadnessMantra ...I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die...

  • DrowningMySorrows: Sailor Pluto really hasn't taken the demotion of Pluto to a Dwarf Planet well. And it's treated as comedy. When they got her off the bottle, she became a LadyOfWar to compensate.
  • EmpathicWeapon: Special mention to Ring-chan, the first and only Power Ring who developed his/her own consciousness among all the Corps' Power Ring. It seems to have issues with Raging Heart...
  • EroticEating: Vita eating ice cream for the first time is rather disturbingly sexual.
  • EverythingsBetterWithChocolate: Chocolate Overkill Omnicides. Poor Vita....
  • FoeYay: Signum/Yuuno, Signum/Tuxedo Kamen, and Signum/Fate. Parodied in an omake in which Fate finding evidence of Signum's fight with Tuxedo Kamen is treated like an affair.
  • FreudWasRight: Vita with ice cream. Vita with.... AARRRRGHHH!!! DAMN YOU INTERNET!!!
  • FridgeLogic: Used in-universe. The heroes deduce how long the villains have been on earth via exploring the FridgeLogic of a reference to This Very Wiki. If they found that particular page, it means that they've found the site and been on it for a while, which means that they've been surfing the internet, which means they've been here long enough to have plenty of free time... GET BACK TO WORK, GIRLS!
  • FrickinLaserBeams: Lex-Blaster 500.
  • FutureBadass: Archer, of course, in more ways than usual. He somehow seems to have about three dozen more IQ points than Shiro, apart from anything else. He frequently expresses astonishment at how much of a useless idiot he was back then.
    • The Caster of Fate/Zero, Hayate Yagami. Sakura's symbiosis with Reinforce handily shows how powerful the Book of Darkness is, but spoiler: Kotomine's dark copy of Hayate demonstrates exactly how absurdly powerful one can get when one can combine the powers of Negi, Nanoha, Archer, the Sailor Senshi, and many others.
  • GenreSavvy: Batman decides not to "visit" Mahora Academy because the universe said not to.
  • HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday: Alisa in chapter 26. Even the Book of Darkness doesn't believe her.
  • HeroicWillpower: One of spoiler:Berserker's Noble Phantasm is Oath Against All Evil, that enables him to control his servant class power and mind. Anyone who familiar with FateStayNight knows how destructive and uncontrollable spoiler:Berserker class is.
  • HorrifyingTheHorror: The reaction of 99% of Arkham to Joker's Family Christmas.
  • IRegretNothing: Chamo, after looking up the skirts of the Magical Girl Association.
  • ItRunsInTheFamily: Turns out TheJoker's homicidal mania and tendency to sexualize his obsession with nemeses are heritable, even if his particular idiosyncrasies aren't.
  • KidAnova: Negi, who has finally gotten GenreSavvy about it and begun to use it to his advantage.

-->"Oh, crap," [Chisame] whispered. "He's hit puberty! We're all doomed!"

  • LadyOfWar: Several. Signum, Lady Shiva spoiler:who manages to knock-out Zafira in hand-to-hand combat and looks incredibly cool while doing it, Sailor Pluto spoiler:who combined this with ''DrunkenMaster'', and spoiler:Tomoyo, although maybe too young for this trope, but manages to keep her spoiler:calm and her mysterious, saintly smile (c) even when attacking the Wolkenritter and trying to rip Vita a new one.
  • LampshadeHanging: All over the place. In recent [chapters], almost literally. The lampshade hanging itself is, at one point, lampshaded.
    • Literal lampshades have started showing up, as of chapter 14, and maybe earlier.
  • LittleMissBadass: Nanoha, Fate, Illya, Kuro Illya, Miyu, Vita, but the queen is spoiler:Tomoyo.
  • LoveMakesYouCrazy: Tomoyo, but it's CrazyAwesome.
  • LoveMakesYouEvil: Tomoyo, and the Wolkenritter.
  • MegaCrossover
  • MoodWhiplash/ DescriptionCut: Done in this [chapter] of FATE: Holy Grail War of 2814. First we got Emiyas shoved into life threatening situation, then it shows [[spoiler: TheGrimReaper DeTheSandman ath doing random things such as doing a Sudoku puzzle. It was a foreshadowing to shows that, no, nobody is going to die]]
  • MutuallyExclusiveMagic: By WordOfGod, a person can only use one type of magic. Either Magecraft (FateStayNight), Mid-Childan/Belkan Magic (Nanoha), or Wizardry (Negima). The only exception to this is [[spoiler:FateStayNight Sakura who, being bonded to the Tome of the Night Sky, can use everythign that's been downloaded into it, including Servants' Noble Phantasms, and all three types of magic. She's basically described as a GameBreaker "Broken Game Character".]]
  • MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: Archer had his HeroicSacrifice planned out since a few hours after summoning, and planned for what happened next rather well.
  • NiceJobBreakingItHero: Stabbing the magic-collecting ArtifactOfDoom with an AntiMagic sword turns out to be a really, really bad idea.
  • NoFourthWall: [Chapter 8] is a particularly egregious [=(*sip*)=] example.
  • ObliviousYoungerSibling: Nanoha has yet to realize that her sister Miyuki's relationship with their brother is not sisterly, despite having walked past a three-way make-out session between Miyuki, Kyouya, and Shinobu, and seeing NakedApron Miyuki coming out of Kyouya's room in the morning (Given that Miyuki is biologically Kyouya's cousin, not his sister, it's not as naughty as it seems, but still). This is mainly due to Nanoha being too tired or too preoccupied due to work-related issues to pay close attention to what's going on at home.
  • OhNoNotAgain: Several
    • When Nanoha hears a mysterious voice in her head, she knows that it means trouble. It's just about evolved into a RunningGag.
    • The Sailor Senshi always panic whenever they hear that there's new a MagicalGirl, thinking they're going to die. Again.
  • OnlySaneMan: Yuuno, most of the time. Superman the rest.
  • OrgasmicallyDelicious: Vita and Chocolate Overkill Omnicides.
  • PantyThief: [[spoiler:Negi of all people, with Yuuno and Kotaro enlisted as help, in order to get back at the girls of his class for them treating him as - and dressing him as - a girl. [[Template:Shotacon Ayaka]] faints when she realizes that her little shota was personally handling her underwear.]]
  • PropheticDreams: Shown several times during the series, regarding spoiler:a horrible scenario where Sailor Pluto had to sacrifice herself. It was spoiler:Kinomoto Sakura's dream. Probably induced by spoiler:Spectre/Alicia Testarossa.
  • PowerCreepPowerSeep: The Wolkenritter's defenses have been fairly obviously gimped somewhat to allow certain people to actually fight them who certainly couldn't ordinarily.
  • PurpleProse: How Vita sees Hayate.
    • Tomoyo is also prone to this, in her ChurchMilitant mode.

--->"For the foul heresy of attempting to harm the gloriousness that is the great and beautiful Sakura-chan," Tomoyo said breezily, her saintly, mysterious smile © never leaving her face, "I levy the judgment of the church upon you, strangers. By Sakura-chan's boundless mercy and generosity, I give you one final chance to turn away from this evil path you tread and embrace the light of goodness that is Sakura-chan! Bow down to her divine beauty, and you will be forgiven this heinous atrocity, for all things are loved in the nice, soft, squishy, developing bosom of Sakura-chan's infinite heart. Persist, however, and there is no place you can hide from my Vengeance, no hole too deep, no shadow so dark that I cannot find you to exact a thousand times over the harm you would wrought upon this most blessed Sakura-chan! Persist and know that from this day forth the Specter of death hangs above you, and that nothing will spare you from my most unholy Wrath."

    • And here's the author's opinion of this trope in action, courtesy of Ch. 13 Author's Notes:

-->"I have come to the conclusion I'm too good a writer to be able to write PurpleProse. On the upside, it means I'm too good to write anything TakeThat as horrible as Twilight. On the down side, it means I'm too good to write anything as marketable as Twilight. It was an actual labor to write it. I had to read SO many SturgeonsLaw bad fics to even try to get it down. I [[Template:Narm couldn't stop laughing]] at how stupid it all was. Anyone who can do this and KEEP doing it for more than a thousand pages has... well, not talent, but some kind of GiftedlyBad anti-talent. Purple prose is HARD! Though I have also discovered, to my horror, that I have my own personal brand of PurpleProse. I need to lie down..."

  • RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: TheCorruption turned Wolkenritter Knight Armour into red and black version.
  • RuleOfCool
  • RuleOfFunny
  • SecretIdentity: Everyone. Chrono now has a SecretIdentity as 'Tempus' and the Wolkenritter recently took to wearing masks so that they couldn't be traced to Hayate. The entirety of MahouSenseiNegima Ala Alba ends up with codenames and masks of varying quality.
  • ShoutOut: During her second fight with Vita, Green Lantern-chan uses [[Template:Jaws shark construct "Bruce"]], [[Template:Film/Godzilla American Godzilla]], [[Template:Ghostbusters Giant Marshmallow Man]] ("LampshadeHanging Who you gonna call?"), and the PowerRangersLightspeedRescue Supertrain Megazord, much to Vita's chagrin.
    • Fate's dream sequence in chapter 14. That is all that really needs to be said.
    • Negi's triumphant return to strike:manhood boyhood, and the girls' reaction, is a wonderful ShoutOut to the famous "Suit Up" scene from HowIMetYourMother.
    • From Fate:

-->"Yes," Saber said coldly. She considered it dispassionately, then decided it wouldn't soil her honor to insult him in the harshest way she knew how. MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail "You Frenchman! Ni! Ni!"

-->Setsuna blinked. "Why does your ring sound like a boy as voice[d] by Tara Strong?" she said.

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